How many people are buried at Woodmere Cemetery?
There are approximately 190,000 interments.
Can Woodmere accommodate more burials?
Yes, there is still plenty of room for new burials.  Plus, there are many family plots that are partially filled.  Descendants may not know there is a family plot for them or have chosen to be buried elsewhere.
What are the hours of Woodmere Cemetery?
You need to call Woodmere Cemetery at (313) 841-0188 for current hours.
Is Woodmere Cemetery and Michigan Memorial Park owned by the same company?
No.  Woodmere Cemetery is owned by Midwest Memorial Group.  Michigan Memorial Park has been owned by the Heston family for four generations.  
How do I get maps of the cemetery?
There are over 400 maps for Woodmere.  When you visit, stop at the cemetery office and the staff will provide maps for you.
When are tours given? 
Consult the events link for tours and presentations.  If you want to arrange a tour for your group, contact me at
Detroit's Woodmere Cemetery by Gail D. Hershenzon Image: Photo 8 Image: Photo 2 Image: Vintage Family Photo 2 Image: Photo 7 Image: Photo 6 Michigan Memorial Park by Gail D. Hershenzon