Detroit's Historic Woodmere Cemetery
Woodmere Cemetery is one of Detroit's oldest cemeteries.  Founded in 1867, the cemetery covers 250 acres and is the final resting place of many Detroit notables.  This PowerPoint presentation will take you on a historical tour of its beginnings and then highlight some of the famous, as well as the not so famous, who are buried in Woodmere's historical grounds.
Do's and Don'ts of Cemetery Research
Do you ever wonder why you may not be getting the information you want when you contact a cemetery for research?  Find out what you can, and maybe should not be doing, when visiting a cemetery office or contacting them by mail through this PowerPoint presentation.
Ethics and Etiquette in Genealogy Research
What happens when you post your family research on a public website?  What can you expect from public places when doing research?  What information are you entitled to and what is off limits?  These and other questions are dealt with in this PowerPoint presentation. 
What people are saying:
"Just a note to let you know that my wife and I enjoyed your talk about cemetery research last night.  Most of the presentations we hear are somewhat dry but the humor you injected in your talk helped to make your talk both informative and enjoyable.  My wife and I do not hold any office at OCGS.  We are just members who enjoyed your talk.  Thank you."
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Detroit's Woodmere Cemetery by Gail D. Hershenzon Image: Photo 5 Image: Photo 6 Image: Vintage Family Photo 1 Image: Photo 1 Image: Photo 4 Michigan Memorial Park by Gail D. Hershenzon