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What people are saying:

"Just wanted to say Thank You for an amazing tour of Woodmere Cemetery yesterday. Despite the rain, it turned out great. Thanks again."

"I wanted to let you know how nice it was.  Your love of the history and the cemetery really shows, and you were a great tour guide." 

"Thank you Gail, for the wonderful tour.  When I told friends we spent four hours tramping a cemetery in the rain, they thought we were nuts. Little did they know what a great day we had. The prizes were so much fun as was your humor."

"Tour was great, one of the best informed guides I have ever encountered.  She was interesting, informative, and added a little humor to the day.  As a bonus, a Vernor's at the James Vernor headstone was a nice touch.  Great choice."

"Excellent guide!  Terrific history!



Oy Vey!

Shortly after Woodmere Cemetery opened, Temple Beth El bought sections in Woodmere to accomodate their congregation. Notables such as Leo Franklin, the Siegels, the Rothchilds, the Freuds, and many more were laid to rest at Woodmere.

Play Ball!

Woodmere is the final resting place to many top sports players of their time. “Wish” Egan, Eugene Krapp, and Charlie Bennet are just a few among others buried at Woodmere who made an impact in the sports world.

Want to Come Up and See My Etchings?

Detroit was home to many architects and artists. Some of those are buried at Woodmere and include Irving Bacon, Lynn Bogue Hunt, and Henry Brush among others.

That Had to Hurt!

Some folks, whose only claim to newspaper fame, died because of a tragedy. They were people who were known only to their neighbors and family but died tragically (decapitated, train accident, run over by horses, etc.). Not for the faint at heart.

Love Lost, Love Found

Some of the best love stories and stories of love gone bad can be found in the lives of those buried at Woodmere. Did you know that there was once a Lovers’ Lane in an undeveloped part of the cemetery in its early years?

Tobacco, Alcohol, But No Firearms

Woodmere is home to many of the movers and shakers who helped shape Detroit through their businesses of tobacco, cigar manufacturing, and breweries. We will visit some of those including John Bagley and David Scotten.

Wouldn’t You Really Rather Have a Buick?

David Buick (who died penniless), Henry Ford’s in-laws, and William Pungs are a few people connected to Detroit’s automobile industry who are buried at Woodmere.

Over My Dead Body!

Murder and mayhem played a part in many of those buried at Woodmere. We will visit the graves of some of the more notorious deaths that occurred since Woodmere Cemetery opened its gates.

I Almost Got Away With It!

Some buried at Woodmere led a somewhat shady life. We will visit some of those who had a questionable past.

A Taste of History

This tour highlights some of the more notable people whose last residence is Woodmere. James Scripps, Eddie Slovik, David Buick, Fred Higgins, The Ford Hunger March, and several others who helped put Detroit on the map.


Detroit's Woodmere Cemetery by Gail D. Hershenzon Image: Photo 2 Image: Photo 7 Image: Vintage Family Photo 3 Image: Photo 5 Image: Photo 1 Michigan Memorial Park by Gail D. Hershenzon